Gun being fired

Feb 20, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry in Houston, TX

April 16-17 Beyond Concealed Carry Advanced in Houston, TX

May 21-22, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced in  Charleston, SC

June 25-26, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced in Anchorage, AK

Aug 13-14, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry and Critical Trauma Care in Centerton, AR

All the courses are taught by Ben Branam and others.

What Students are saying:

Mike I

“There was a mixture of sound safety and defensive procedures, self defense discussions, and excellent safe live fire drills…I pushed my speed far past what I thought I could do…I would recommend the class to anyone.”


“…in general, I think this was a really fun, fast moving course, with useful specific techniques that I can now practice at home and a confidence builder on my skills as a shooter.”


“… I didn’t think I could shoot that fast and still be hitting the COM (center of mass)”


“If you get a chance to train with Bob and Ben take it!”


“This was a great course taught by great instructors… this is a course that I would take again..”

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