Gun being fired

June 25-26, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced in Anchorage, AK

Aug 13-14, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry and Critical Trauma Care in Centerton, AR

Sep 17, 2016 Beyond Concealed Carry Advanced in San Antonio, TX

All the courses are taught by Ben Branam and/or Bob Mayne.

What Students are saying:

Mike I

“There was a mixture of sound safety and defensive procedures, self defense discussions, and excellent safe live fire drills…I pushed my speed far past what I thought I could do…I would recommend the class to anyone.”


“…in general, I think this was a really fun, fast moving course, with useful specific techniques that I can now practice at home and a confidence builder on my skills as a shooter.”


“… I didn’t think I could shoot that fast and still be hitting the COM (center of mass)”


“If you get a chance to train with Bob and Ben take it!”


“This was a great course taught by great instructors… this is a course that I would take again..”

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