Advertisement Program

All advertisements are personal endorsements by me and as such you will be reviewed before an advertisement is placed on this site.  This is to ensure your ad doesn’t get mixed into a bunch of miscellaneous crap that no one wants.  All ads will need to be relevant to the community creating value to you as an advertiser and value to the site.  This will get you more clicks and more business.

Each ad can be directed to a page on your site that you choose or I will do a page on my site that has links to the posts I’ve done about your product or company, my personal endorsement of your company, and any specials you have.

Two levels of Advertisements


  • Mentioned on the Podcast once a month, my voice doing a mini ad for you along with my personal endorsement of you and your products
  • 125×125 Spot on top of right column (just under email capture box).  Rotates every opening of who is on top and where.
  • Quarterly blog post on your company or a piece of equipment
  • At the end of one year a Podcast Interview or feature
  • Limited to 4 Sponsors


  • 125×125 spot on right column under sponsors.  Randomly rotates every opening for placement.  No one advertiser owns the top spot
  • Limited to 8
  • Quarterly blog post on your company or a piece of equipment


  • Sponsors
    • 1 Year – for only $1,000 (just over $83 a Month!)
    • 6 Months – for only $550 (just over $91 a Month!)
    • 3 Months – for only $300
  • Supporters
    • 1 Year – only $750
    • 6 Months – only $400
    • 3 Months – only 225

How to get Started

Send me an email at with the product, service, or site you want to advertise.  I’ll take a look and approve you as long as it’s a product I would actually use and you will support the customers I send to you.  This is a personal endorsement by me and I will only let advertisers on the site that I would suggest my closest friends do business with.  If you have a good product, at a decent price, give good customer service, and sell something useful to this community, you don’t have anything to worry about.

All payment is done up front.  Once I approve you, receive your 125×125 JPG and where you would like to link to, your ad will go live in 24 to 48 hours.

Stay Safe,



Hat tip to and for helping with this program.


  1. Christopher Keefer
    February 28, 2013

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    I am an OIF veteran and have a newborn daughter that is two months old. I am about to obtain my conceal carry permit here in colorado. And I have a question about which holster company to buy my conceal carry holster from. The Theis holster is the white dog holsters. Which one would you recommend over the other? Thank you for your time.

    • Ben Branam
      February 28, 2013

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      Glad you are getting your CHL, and more importantly, congrats on the little one. I just talked to WhiteDog today and they are back order a couple months, so you might want to go with the Theis.

      My real suggestion is to see if you can borrow something from someone and try it for a couple days, then you’ll know which holster is for you.

      Holsters are so personal, kind of like what type of car. My to favorites for concealed carry are the WhiteDog for outside the waist carry and the CrossBreed for inside the waist carry.

      I don’t own a Theis, that was a guest blog from a friend of mine and he likes it better then the Crossbreed. I should probably get one to try out. Another close friend loves his Blackmamba holster. I like the Crossbreed better.

      I think you can’t go wrong with any of them. It will come down to personal preference. Just buy something good and be prepared to buy a couple of them. It’s worth it. I’ve had my Crossbreed for almost 4 years now. A good holster is worth the investment.

      Thanks for the question and have fun with the new kid.

      • Christopher Keefer
        February 28, 2013

        Leave a Reply

        Thank you for the time to respond. I think I am going to go with the Theis as he isn’t back ordered and will later try a white dog.

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