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Podcast 214 Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Review

By on December 7, 2017

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Today:  The cool new M&P M2.0 guns.  I got to fire three different variants putting about 650 rounds down range.  And I liked them… most of them.


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Guns’ Characteristics

  • Striker Fired
  • Grip Angle at 18˚ (like a 1911)
  • 4 Interchangeable palm swell grip inserts
  • Armornite Finish
  • New Trigger
  • Steel Chassis


What’s the Difference:

  • Weight
    • Original 27.5 oz
    • 0 Full Size 27.8 oz
    • 0c 24.0 oz
    • 0 15 rds 28.0 oz
    • Glock G17 25.06 oz
    • Glock G19 23.99 oz
  • Full Length Internal Frame
  • Trigger Bar
  • Texture



  • Really Awesome with the new texture and color
  • New Slide cut with forward serrations looks cool
  • The FDE Color is actually good looking
  • Finish of slide and frame match better
  • Big metal sights



  • Feels good with the new texture and different back straps
  • Texturing sticks to the hand
  • Correct Grip angle
  • With my big hands I can feel if there is a mag in or not
  • Points very well



  • Fit and Finish on the guns is good
  • Better then what I would expect for the price
  • Barrel lockup was solid and accuracy was good on the 3 I used for the test
  • Fit everything the same as the original



  • 3 Different Guns Used and shot 660 rounds
    • Full Size 200 rounds
    • Compact 360 rounds
    • Shield A little less then 100 Rounds
  • Full Sized
    • Used second day of a class I taught. Borrowed from someone that got it brand new
    • Shot just like my gun
  • Compact
    • Used for the second day of Critical Defensive Handgun by Paul Carlson
    • Ran tons of drills w/ Tulaammo in it
    • Shot well
    • Reloads where good
    • I liked the 15 round mags better then the 17
    • Liked the recoil impulse better then a Glock 19
    • Follow ups where still fast and easy
    • Didn’t bother my hand even after all day
  • Shield
    • The same…
    • Liked the more aggressive checkering because the gun doesn’t fit my hand (it’s too small)
    • Don’t like the price increase
    • Will probably just have my checkered for the price



  • Different Trigger Bar and Sear engagement
  • Loved the “Broke in feeling trigger”
  • Same Holsters
  • Same Magazines
  • Same almost everything



  • Look of slide
  • Aggressive Texture
  • Price on the M2.0


Didn’t Care For

  • 4th Blackstrap
  • Aggressive Texture against bare skin
  • Same Slide and Barrel Design
  • Different between the full size and compact slide is .25”


Could do without

  • The name is still too long (it got longer not shorter)
  • Mag extensions still suck for them all
  • Couldn’t find any difference between the Shield 2.0 and original except texturing and slide serrations
  • Price on the Shield
  • Slide Serrations are only good for looks


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Stay Safe,


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