Podcast 197 Sig 320 RX and X-Five Review

By on July 31, 2017

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Today:  I review the Sig 320 RX and Sig 320 X-Five new guns.  Spoiler alert: I liked them.

I start with a quick history of the guns.  Then jump into my first thoughts on the original 320 when it came out.

Then I talk about the 320 RX in great detail.  This was a spectacular gun and if you are thinking about getting one, listen to the podcast to confirm you decision to buy one.

Last I discuss the 320 X-Five.  I didn’t get to shoot this one as much as the RX, but had a good feel for it.  It feels like a gun should.  The balance and recoil is right and it points like a 1911. What more could you want?

In the end, I’m always looking for a better mouse trap, and the Sigs may need to replace my current carry Smith & Wesson M&P guns.  I’m not sure yet.


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A little Background

  • From the P250
  • Introduced at SHOT 2014
  • Wasn’t exciting
  • Looked like a revamped P250
  • Done before by Kel-Tec and Styer
  • The HK VP series outshined it at the time
  • Sold some quietly, but not much
  • Won the military contract, Now everyone wants one
  • Sig had the X-Five and RX model coming out before the military contract was awarded
  • It hit perfect for them and now the gun is really hot

Like the 250

  • Super Accurate
  • Nice DOA trigger
  • Pointed like a gun should
  • Modularity was cool but didn’t care that much
  • Almost bought one more then once and should have

Original 320

  • Shot some and liked them more then the VP series of guns
  • Didn’t get popular so there wasn’t a lot of holsters out there for them
  • After announcement Sig went full in on them
  • Same accuracy as the 250
  • Everyone complains about the high bore access and recoil management
  • I feel the difference shooting one but not a real problem
  • Like
    • Trigger
    • Finish and fit
    • Feel in the hand
    • Sights
    • Pointability
  • Not So much
    • Popularity
    • High bore access means it needs to be shot a little different

P320 RX

  • Has the Romeo 1 reflex sight on it installed at the factory
  • About the Romeo 1
    • Loved it
    • Bright indoors
    • Aligned perfectly no searching for it
    • Auto on and off with movement
    • Top Loading Battery
    • Weight is down to 0.8 oz (RMR is 1.2 oz)
    • Different batter then others
    • Big Buttons can sometimes be activated when you don’t want them to be
  • Accuracy: I outshot my carry gun by 3 points with it on a DOT Torture test
  • Had one weird feeling trigger malfunction, but I think it was me

P320 X-Five

  • Every thing done to it
  • Weight in the grip for balance
  • 5 inch barrel
  • cut slide
  • flared mag well
  • Just nice

Flat Triggers

  • Initially liked one with an Apex trigger in it
  • These two had flat triggers from Sig and I had problems figuring them out



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  1. Rick
    August 3, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    You probably already saw this but thought it was interesting given the timing with your review.


    • Ben Branam
      August 6, 2017

      Leave a Reply

      Yes I saw that. Sig actually responded to that. Turns out it was some on name web site that reported that was a problem and then an Lt at The PD took it as golden.

      Sig said there was no problem and the PD is continuing to allow them for carry. But I didn’t like that Sig said don’t test this. Thought it should dare people to go for it the gun was unbreakable. I do see the safety consern and wonder it that is all they where thinking. Can you image some unsafe person trying to prove whether or not a gun is drop safe?

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