Podcast 195 Do you Carry Enough Gun?

By on July 16, 2017

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Today: Do you Carry Enough Gun to handle what may come your way?  Maybe, maybe not.  The bigger gun we can carry is generally better, but practicality has to be part of our lives also.

Carry as much gun as you can get away with for any given circumstance. That will mean different things to different people at different times.  What can you carry, and do you carry more when you can?

I carry a couple different guns and configurations.  I’m always looking for something better but rarely change what I do.  What works, works.

This podcast is all about different thoughts for different times, and what you can practically do to make yourself and your family safer.


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What size Gun do you Carry?  What should you carry?

  • Derringer
  • 5-Shot Revolver
  • Pocket Gun
  • Single Stack Gun
  • Double Stack Compact Gun
  • Full Size 1911
  • Full Size Double Stack
  • Carbine
  • Rifle
  • Machine Gun

Question from a Listener about changing his carry gun to go to something bigger with more ammo.

I carry:

  • 5-Shot Revolver
  • Full Size Double Stack 9mm when my family is with me
  • Rifle in the Truck when on the road

Different Attacks to think about

  • Most Common Attack
  • Multiple Attackers
  • May not have to fire a shot
  • Bigger guns are more scary
  • Dedicated Attacker
  • Mass Killer
  • Terrorist Attack

Different Configurations of you

  • Alone
  • With Friends
  • With Family
  • Kids
  • With Friends, and Family, and Kids

So what should you carry?

  • Whatever you can and will
  • Me: Little Gun, Full Size Double Stack, and Long Gun



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Stay Safe,



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  1. Dan Gucciardi
    August 16, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    Great show. Definitely some things to think about. In the show you mentioned going back to carrying a full size gun in the appendix position. Do you have any advice for appendix carry for larger guys? If you already covered it, which episode did you talk about it? Thanks.

    • Ben Branam
      August 17, 2017

      Leave a Reply

      I’m still working on that. But I have 2 suggestions. 1: I carried a pocket revolver there for a long time and it was comfortable enough and hid really well. 2: I got from Spencer Seekers of Seekers Concealment and Paul Carlson of SSA Academy, get a longer barreled gun. Full-sized or 5″ size. You might check out Keepers Concealement for a holster or Paul carries one from Raven Concealment. The only way is to try and work it for awhile. Good luck.

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