Podcast 192 The Great Self Defense Divide

By on June 23, 2017

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Today:  The American society has a great divide in it.  Us v Them that has nothing to do with  who we are, but how we are being manipulated by others that want something from us.  This divide in American Culture has been growing for years as we scream past each other, instead of talk to our neighbors.  Now that same divide is starting in the gun culture and even down to the self defense sub culture.

Every shooting that is pushed in the media seems to have us fighting each other about stupid things instead of looking how we can fix the world.  Sometimes we people do wrong and need to go to jail, but that needs to be found after an exhaustive search of fact.  Assumption and projection has no place in a court of law where someone’s freedom is being complicated.

We as a self defense community are better then that.   We should be having discussions about how to make ourselves, our community, our country, and the world a better place.

The latest thing trying to divide us is the shooting of Philando Castile by Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Minnesota.  Officer Yanez was acquitted this week of all charges in the shooting.  A court of law has decided and we should respect that as much as we like it or not.

We can have discussions about Law Enforcement needing to be better trained, better vetted (not just when hired but also during their career), and how us as civilians that interact with police should be better trained and practiced about interacting with law enforcement.  The other crap, is just crap and if we fight amongst ourselves about it, we will lose everything our sub culture has gained in the last couple decades.

In this podcast I’ll be talking about the shooting, the videos that have been released, legal standard for justifiable use of deadly force, and some of the background that may or may not have made a difference.


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Podcast Outline:

The Shooting of Philando Castile by Officer Jeronimo Yanez in Minnesota.

  • The Facebook Live Steam that was done just after the shooting. Check it out here.
  • The dash-cam video from Yanez’s patrol car. See it here.
  • Watch them both completely before having an opinion.

Legal Justification for Use of Deadly Force, General

  • Means
  • Opportunity
  • Jeopardy

Go Further into this Case

  • Castile High on Marijuana
    • Does it matter or not?
    • Does it matter if the officer knew that at the time or not?
  • Castile had been pulled over 52 times in the last couple years
    • He probably should have known how this works
    • Why was he pulled over so much?
    • Do the cops know him and his car by now?
  • Castile had a suspended driver’s license.
    • Whether the cop knew it or not, may this have played on Castile’s decision making process?
  • Yanez Stopped him because he thought Castile might have been someone that robbed a store the day before.
    • But Yanez and the other cop weren’t very afraid of them or nervous to be dealing with a possible robbery suspect
  • High risk car stops?

Could this be the Fergusson Effect again?

We are emotionally charged because of this and we have beliefs without all the facts.

Simple Facts:

  • Police made a car stop that had a man, woman, and child in the car
  • 2 officers were there
  • 1 officer shot the man
  • Other officer evacuated the child
  • Officer called for help
  • Woman decided to FaceBook Live the thing after he was shot
  • Other cops showed up
  • Officers tried to help the man that was shot with first aid
  • The man died
  • The officer was acquitted of all charges by a court of law and a jury of his “pears”


  • Race had something or nothing to do with it
  • He was reaching for a gun, or he wasn’t reaching for a gun
  • He was going to kill that police officer, or he was going to hand him his wallet
  • That officer just wanted to kill someone, or the officer just wanted to survive and see his family again.
  • The police officer overreacted, the officer fought well

Put Yourself in both people’s shoes

  • If you are stopped by a police how should you act?
  • If you where the police officer there and someone wasn’t listening to your commands and pulling a gun on you?
  • If you had defend yourself and everyone in the media said you over reacted or you were a racist and murdered someone
  • After you were brought up on murder charges and then acquitted but people still wanted to see you hang
  • Then people wanted to go after your family for what you did
  • If you where the family of someone killed by police, justified or not, how should you feel?
  • If the police murdered a member of your family and got away with it
  • Have a little empathy towards all those involved and those out there that believe the course was wrong

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Stay Safe,


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