Podcast 184 Home Defense: The Bump in the Night

By on April 26, 2017

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Today:  We talk about defending yourself at home.  Not just defending your home.  We defend what’s important in your home.  Your stuff isn’t really important, you and your family are.  The people is what we want to protect.

This podcast talks all about protecting the people in your home with a simple self defense plan, helps harden your home, and give you an idea about how to deal with someone that penetrates your home.

Do everything you can to keep people out of your home that are uninvited to keep from having to use force or have any altercation.  The best home defense plan is never used because the home protects itself and you inside without any fanfare.

Look at what is important and put a plan together to protect it.  This podcast will get you going the right direction, and give you lots of ideas on things you may not have thought of.


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Podcast Outline:

Start with a Plan

  • Make it simple – Example: Bunker in place, call police, and wait for them to take care of the problem.
  • Don’t forget to have a way for police to get into your home without kicking in the front door (especially if you have hardened the door)

Harden Your Home

  • Lock your doors…. always
  • Start with making your front door to breach (check out this post on Securing Your Door)
  • Window Coverings (like these Window Coverings on Amazon)
  • Cut Back Plants
  • Lock all Doors

Harden a Room

  • Add an outside door with a dead bolt to a safe room to your house

Use Motion Lights

  • Set up motion lights
  • Create a lighting plan
  • I just bought these motion lights to test on Amazon

Only Go if you have to… Here’s a couple ideas

  • Move if you have to
  • Light and move
  • Don’t be afraid to turn on lights (something like these remote control plugs on Amazon can help
  • Move at the ready, figure off the trigger (remember and use all safety rules)
  • Eyes and gun move together
  • Practice moving smoothly through your house
  • Learn long angles

Slow v Fast Movement

  • Slow
    • Pie each corner, slowly
    • One step at a time
    • Shuffle small steps
    • Methodical
  • Fast
    • Turkey Peak
    • Found Corners
    • Light and Move
    • Tactical Pause
    • I like speed

Tactical Patience

  • Why are you clearing the house?
  • Why are you leaving your bedroom right now? Pause and wait a minute… Look, listen, feel


  • Would you stay if there was a fire?
  • Why do you have to stay if there is someone in your house?
  • Defender is always at the advantage
    • 7 to 1: Attackers v Ensconced Defenders
  • If you can go out the back door and wait for the cops… why not?
  • Make sure you get all your family out

What Happens if they get by you?

  • They have their way with your family
  • You’ve pissed them off… a lot. They will take it out on your family
  • More then any other situation you can’t lose!!!!
  • Shock, Speed, Violence of Action


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Stay Safe,



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