Podcast 176 – 3 Phases of Trigger Control

By on January 12, 2017

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Today:  Trigger Control is the one thing everyone struggles with constantly.  This podcast is all about doing it better.  Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this podcast will help you be a better shooter.


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Podcast Outline:


  • Straight to the rear without disturbing the sight picture
  • Dry Practice; Wall Drill
  • Tennis/Racquetball strength exercise
  • We are all monkeys using our entire hand to do everything
  • Learn to use one finger at a time while the others are holding tension


  • Running the gun at reset
  • Learn where reset is
  • Dry practice at reset
  • Hard with multiple guns


  • Use only pressure that is necessary to break the trigger
  • Only use the pressure necessary
  • Use the dry wall drill again
  • Be able to sweep through the trigger without moving the sights from start to finish
  • Then once you can do that out of the trigger to the reset point instantly

Timer to Test Yourself

  • Timers I use and Want
  • Distances and Thoughts
    • Point Blank: 3 yards and in – Hits on target and how fast can you go
    • Short Distances: 3-7 Yards – Cadence becomes what’s important to make hits
    • Intermediate Distances: 7-20 Yards – Front sight focus or seeing th sights where they need to be
    • Long Distances: 20-100 Yards – I still use interrupted trigger control. I want to be able to sweep through the trigger
    • Extreme Distances: 100-300 Yards – Need reset and master the bigginner trigger


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