Podcast 143 Church Security

By on October 6, 2015

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Today: Church Security is challenging. Most of the time it’s a retired cop or military veteran that volunteers to lead the security team. They my not be the best for the job, but they maybe very good. It takes a different mind set to run security. It takes even more care to run security at a church. This podcast has a bunch of tips on general security and special considerations for a church.


Podcast Outline:

Threat Assessment:

  • Most Likely thing to happen because of your church and people that attend
    • Pull Crime Stats
    • Talk to other churches in the area
    • Talk to local law enforcement
  • Things a lot of people don’t think about
    • Traffic accidents in the parking lot or in front of the church
    • Kid missing
    • Kid abducted
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Child Abuse
    • Medical Emergencies
      • Heart Attack
      • Bad Cut
      • Seizure
      • Someone Passing Out
      • In the Parking lot, lobby, or during the service
    • Fire
    • Power Outage
    • Drug usage or drugs found
    • Pastor assaulted
    • Major disruption of services
    • Explosive detection
  • Mass Shooting is what we all think of
    • Number of shooters
    • Shooters intent
    • Secondary Devices or Attackers
    • Explosives
  • Mind Set
    • Avoidance
    • Deterrence
    • Harden your target so they go someplace else
    • Not prevention
    • Not arresting
  • Prevention
    • Get everyone involved
    • One of the best ways is early detection
    • Best early detection is customer service/ helping people out
    • Talking to people and asking questions gets avoidance and early detection
    • Minimal Training needed to find something wrong
    • Procedures for investigating everyone knows about
    • Someone with more training that can do more investigation and talking needs to be brought in
    • Start an intelligence gather procedure
      • Who is a danger
      • Who may be a danger
      • Local law enforcement if you can
      • Federal if you’re a huge church
      • Make a way to pass information about individuals and suspicions things. Word of mouth doesn’t cut it.


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