Podcast 135 Jade Helm 2015: What is it? Why Should I Care?

By on July 16, 2015

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Today – Jade Helm 15: What is it? Should you care? And will it effect you? No, No, and No is the short answer but to learn more check out the podcast.


Podcast Outline:

Jade Helm

  • What is it?
  • Should You Care?
    • This Has Happened Before
    • It will happen again
  • Stop the Hype
  • Happens all the time
  • Just leaked this time
  • Link to the photo and mapI’ve done it more then once as a US Marine Infantry as a reserve and active duty
  • Years ago, cop killed two Rangers doing this type of thing when wires got crossed
  • It’s going to happen again
  • Spec Ops Troops
    • Think for themselves
    • Don’t just do what they are told
    • Operate on their own with minimal oversight
  • If it was a takeover/military coupe/military invading America
    • True General Officers/Warriors think logistics
    • They would be working on logistics at a bigger scale
    • Spec Ops only does small missions with big effects, can’t hold an area for long
    • Takes lots of troops to take over an area
    • A Huge units would be used, if battalions where moving it might be a problem
    • Probably Regiments and Divisions
    • Support personnel would be moving first
    • Small units would hold small areas and then follow on support
    • Units would be massing someplace and we would see it by now

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