Podcast 134 Body Armor

By on June 30, 2015

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Today It’s all about body armor. Check out the podcast to find out more about what type of armor you should use and what type you should buy.

Sponsor of The Day – Sparks Firearms is my employer but also sponsors this podcast. They are the small home-town gun shop in San Antonio. If you are in the area go check out the shop. You may run into me, but more then likely you’ll find great people and one of the owners that will help you. They give great service and great prices on anything in the self-defense firearms world. Go check them out. 


Podcast Outline:

Types of Body Armor

  • Levels from NIJ
    • IIA
    • II
    • IIIA
    • III
    • IV
  • Soft
    • II or IIIA
    • Kevlar
    • Aramids tightly woven
  • Hard
    • III and IV
    • Steel
    • Ceramic
  • Stand Alone Plates

What Type Should you Get

  • Purpose
  • Soft
  • Hard

How to Use it When?

  • Long Trips
  • Part of a Bug Out Bag
  • At Home
  • One for Everyone

Shelf Life

What do I keep Around?

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