Podcast 130 Choosing the Right Gun

By on May 28, 2015

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Sign Up Here! Today’s show is about choosing the right gun. Sometimes you just know what you want and there are no problems, other times you have to go through a process to get the right one. Here are the questions I ask gun buyers at Sparks Firearms to get them into the right gun for them. It should help you with your next gun purchase.


Podcast Outline:

What do you want the gun for?

  • Self Defense
    • Home
    • Car
    • On your person
    • Carried in a bag
    • Type of holster or sling
  • Gaming
  • Target Practice
  • Plinking
  • Hunting
  • To look cool
  • Gotta Have It!


  • Get a Ball Park idea
  • Gun are forever, don’t be too cheap
  • Are you going to sell it ever?
  • Resale Value
  • Don’t haggle over $5 on a $1,500 gun
  • Or on a rare gun, just buy it


  • Does it physically fit you?
  • Can the person selling it help you with the fit?

Style/Function of the Gun

  • Hammer Fired vs Stricker Fired
  • AR, Bolt, or Auto Loader rifle?
  • Double Action vs Single Action vs Traditional DA/SA
  • Manual Safeties
  • Magazine Capacity
  • Location of Controls

What Do you Plan to Change?

  • Build Out?
  • Trigger Job
  • Sights
  • Tinker insdie?
  • Alter the outside
    • Color
    • Grips
    • Frame Grinding
  • After Market Controls

Commonality of Gun to Get things

  • Holsters
  • Magazines
  • Parts
  • Sights

Brand Name:

  • All the way on the bottom unless it’s a
    • Hi Point
    • Jimenez
    • Or Hi Standard AR



  • It doesn’t matter
  • All just as good
  • I can break anything and everything will fail sooner or later
  • Pick the options above over brand name

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