Podcast 128 Carry Your Gun

By on May 21, 2015

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Today we talk about carrying your gun. The long and short of it, do it every day. You never know the time and place you will need it. You never know if you will ever need it. But if you have your gun every day you’ll never wish you had. Better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it. Your life my depend on it. I also recorded a conversation between Bob Mayne, Paul Lathrop, and myself about government mandating training. Paul has a unique reason for thinking government mandated training is a bad idea.


Podcast Outline:

Recorded conversation will Bob Mayne, Paul Lathrop, and Myself

Carry your gun: Stats from Tom Givens

Get Legal: Get a permit to carry

Advantages of Carrying a Gun:

  • Tactical Patience
  • Choices to or when to act
  • Don’t have to do anything
  • Reminds me to be responsible
  • Make me remember today could be the day


  • Everywhere you go you have a gun
  • You have to be responsible for it
  • Someone will throw you under the bus

Crappy Part of Carrying

  • Court and Media can and will attack you for carrying a gun, no matter what happens
  • If you don’t act while carrying a gun, the gun community will attack you
  • Have to know the law
  • Violate it or not, but know what it is
  • Cops are probably not there to help you if you are carrying a gun; it makes them nervous
  • You are always hiding something from people
  • People that know you are carrying will expect you to take care of anything that happens
  • Your friends might throw you under the bus during a violent encounter
  • You can’t instigate anything, ever! Including name-calling or road rage.
  • Day to Day Carry can be a pain

30 Day Challenge

  • Carry a gun with you for the next 30 days. No excuses
  • If you carry a small gun, carry a big gun with you for the next 30 days

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