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Podcast 119 Helping Others With Self Defense

By on March 12, 2015

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This podcast is all about helping others with their self defense. Sooner or later in this world someone will come to you for help to stay safe. It’s normally because something has happened or is happening that is dangerous. It’s terrifying when someone wakes up the real world of danger and the things that can happen. We need to start where they are and get them moving along the path to defending themselves. It takes time.

Topics Include:


  • A Terrified Family at the Gun Show wanting help with defending their 20-year old child while at college
  • Normally Takes something happening to them for people to wake up and look at their self defense
  • Remember it can be terrifying to them
  • Start with the basics

The Basic Outline

  • Don’t do Stupid Things in Stupid Places with Stupid People (John Farnam)
  • Leave! Don’t have to have a confrontation
  • Report Problems to the police to create a paper trail, get help from police, and to win in court if need be
  • Awareness: Start looking around and being aware of you area and what’s going on around you
  • Use your vehicle to get away
  • Break down the situation logically for them
    • What is happening now? And what danger are they in?
    • Can’t see when they are emotionally involved

Next Level

  • Pre-Fight Indicators (just the basics)
    • Personal Space
    • Distraction Techniques
    • Following
    • Target Focus/or looking away
  • Why is someone there or not there?
  • Hardening your life
    • Better door locks
    • Changing your routine
    • Looking around all the time
  • What if Game?
  • Finding your exits everywhere all the time
  • Don’t let people get too close to you
  • Voice Commands

Advanced Level

Stay Safe,


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