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By on January 14, 2014

As part of my ongoing education I read blogs and listen to podcasts.  I enjoy getting new ideas from both and do them at different times.  I like listening to podcasts while driving and doing other mundane tasks but also enjoy sitting down to read too.  Here are the Podcasts and Blogs I consume regularly and some you might want to check out.


  • ITS Tactical – Written and/or edited by Bryan Black a former Seal and police officer.  He does great in-depth articles on tons of self defense stuff as well as cool things like knot tying, climbing ropes, and how to pick locks.
  • The Art of Manliness – Ironically about half the posts are written by women but it always has long articles about how to do things men should be able to do, from tying a tie to skinning a dear.  It’s a lot of fun to read and I find practical info there.
  • The Firearms Blog – About everything in the firearms industry and new in guns. They have people writing all over the world and travel to different places to get the inside stories on things.  Fun if you like to keep up with different guns and what’s happening in the firearms industry.
  • Massad Ayoob on Guns – Just a great blog to read and always has something good about shooting and/or self defense written by one of the great legal shooting defense minds of our time.
  • Monderno – All about shooting, self defense and competition.  Just a fun blog with lots of practical tips and reviews.
  • Active Response Training – Has become an amazing resource for self defense in the last 6 months. He always has great info and case studies about things related to self defense.
  • Modern Self Protection – Of course I had to mention my own blog on the list.  Just checking to see if you where really paying attention.
  • Soldier Systems – Great resource for new gear coming out and an inside look at the defense industry.  Some of it is practical to you and some of it is only useful if you are a Special Warfare Team Leader, but fun to read.
  • Police One – A good blog, but their newsletter is even better.  I normally get all my info from the newsletter.  It’s geared towards police officers but has some great discussions about shootings and how to pick out bad guys as well as some reviews of guns and tools for self defense.


  • Modern Self Protection – This is the podcast I do once a week about self defense.  It’s things you can do today to make yourself safer.  And added here just to make sure you where paying attention…
  • Handgun World Podcast with Bob Mayne – Bob is an everyday guy that now started doing firearms instruction.  He has some great thoughts about carry and self defense that you can relate to in everyday life.
  • The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko – A Great motivational podcast done daily about practical survival. I enjoy how he thinks and his take on preparedness that makes it doable.  And his rants about “ass clowns” are great fun and motivating.
  • Down Rage Radio with Michael Bane – Michael produces multiple TV shows about self defense and is a gun industry insider.  He has great thoughts on keeping yourself safe as well as some cool stuff about new guns coming out and projects he’s working on.
  • Gun Talk Radio with Tom Gresham – A 3-hour Sunday radio show that is put up as a podcast on Mondays.  It’s well worth the listen. He goes through tons of topics really fast and has a bunch of industry insiders on as guests.
  • Student of the Gun with Paul Markel– Lots of fun about things going on in the world about terrorism, 2nd Amendment Rights, and self defense.  He’s sarcastically funny and a character on the mike.
  • Black Man With a Gun with Ken N Blanchard – Former Marine, Body Guard, Federal Police Officer, and Baptist Minister. He’s quite a character with a different look on a lot of things.  He’s been involved with the gun rights movement since the 80’s and was an insider in the NRA.
  • Practical Defense with Alex Haddox – A hand-to-hand self defense expert that has lots of good tips on staying safe.  Mostly he does quick tips and hasn’t been that busy making podcasts lately, but a great resource when he does.
  • Politics and Guns Podcast with a ton of people – Started by Paul Lathrop and now has a bunch of people with interesting takes on the gun industry.  Some of their stories are just awesome.  It’s worth a listen.
  • The Roadgunner Podcast with The Un-Named Trucker – I was just a guest over there and really enjoyed talking to Trucker.  He talks about trucking and traveling with a Firearm and defending yourself while on the road.

Go enjoy a blog or podcast that you haven’t heard or seen before.

Stay Safe,


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