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By on October 1, 2013

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There are different types of attackers based on what they are willing to lose for what they want.  Most are taken care of the same way, but an understanding of them can help keep you safe.

Types of Attackers

  • Wimps – My Favorite and the easiest to deal with.  They see someone that will try to stop them or try to stop them and they give up.  Example: New Town school shooter, Robber vs Clerk Video
  • Bullies – If you put up resistance they will give up.  Example: Aurora Movie Theater
  • Dedicated – They are going to get what they want or die trying. These are the scariest by far. Example bad guy in this article: How Much Ammo to Carry?
  • Suicidal – Plan to die in the attack. Example Kenya Mall Attack, Suicide by Cop

Locations you may encounter these people:

  • Stop and Robs: Wimps, Bullies, sometimes Dedicated
  • Church: Wimps and Suicidal
  • Box Stores: Wimps, Bullies
  • Box Store Parking Lots: Wimps, Bullies, and Dedicated (if they are after you they may be a dedicated attacker)
  • Schools: Any type, generally age will help you determine. (Link to worst one so far: Beslan School Massacre
  • Hotels: All
  • Airports: Wimps and Bullies mainly, Dedicated if they want you.  Sometimes Suicidal
  • Mall: All
  • Amusement Parks: All Just not a history of it so far
  • Military Bases: All (Especially in the last couple years)

No matter what type of attacker, treat them like a dedicated attacker until they prove otherwise.


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