Holsters and Belt Loops

By on May 15, 2013

If you carry a gun daily or even just from time to time, you know that your belt loops always seem to get in the way.  What to do with the belt loops?  You should use that loop to help you.  It takes more time to thread the belt through the loops, but it helps out in the end.

You can see how the gun sags


A lot of people I know just skip the belt loop that is around their holster.  That doesn’t help except for when you put the holster on.  As you go through the day, you’ll find that the weight of the holstered gun pulls down the belt at that point more than anywhere else and your pants don’t match.  I find this feels like my underwear is bunched up and I can’t fix it.  It’s really uncomfortable.

You can use that belt loop to your advantage that you think is getting in the way by threading the belt and holster through it.

The gun stays when the belt loops are used

It’s kind of pain in the butt at first, but you can always put the holster on without the gun before you put your pants on.  I find this keeps me from getting frustrated trying to weave the belt and holster together.  I feel like a dog chasing my tail when I’m trying to put the belt through the holster, through my belt loop and then through the other side of my holster while I’m wearing my pants.

Laced in Correctly

I know that we can’t always wear a gun, but a holster is not illegal anywhere I’m aware of.  You can simply put the gun in a range bag when you have to go someplace without a gun and leave the holster on.  It’s much easier than trying to thread your holster on and off in the parking lot or bathroom.  This way, you can put the holster on at home before you put on your pants.

Holster Pushed against a Belt loop

Once you have the pants and gun on, use your belt loop as an anchor point.  Push the holster all the way forward or back until the holster stops against the belt loop.  It will keep the gun from moving around as much when you get up or sit down, and will allow you to put it back to the same point every time it moves.

Experiment which belt loops you will use and then go from there.  I find it easiest to use the outside seam on pants as a reference on where I want the gun to be.  My gun normally sits just behind the outside seam on my jeans.  Unfortunately, everything isn’t made the same, so you’ll just have to play with it a little.

Getting the gun on right can be a pain at first, but once you get the holster threaded through, you’ll be more comfortable throughout your day.  Try it next to you are going to wear a gun.

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