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By on February 21, 2013

A couple weeks ago I was honored to be invited to the custom knife show here in San Antonio.  When I got there, Eric Fritz got me a VIP Pass (always nice to be a VIP) to get in for free.  I entered the exhibit hall and found dozens of custom knife makers showing off their stuff.  The knives where amazing.  I was so astonished, I forgot to take pictures.

I met Eric at his booth where he presented me with a custom tactical knife.  It’s a little fixed blade he makes out of ball bearing steel with a one piece shank and a really cool handle.  Eric explained it all to me, but I was kind of lost.  What I do know is that I’ve been carrying the knife everyday since then.

The knife came with a great sheath that has a clip from Blade-Tech on it.  The clip allows me to snap the knife on and off my belt very easily and it holds firm.  I’ve been using magazine pouches with these clips for years and never had one fall off.  The clip also allows for the knife to be mounted vertically or horizontally.  For me, I mount it horizontally over my left front pocket.  I have a little too much gut and any t-shirt that goes over my belt hides the knife beautifully.  I haven’t had anyone spot it yet and I’ve even been hugged by people at church without them noticing it.  In today’s society, it’s getting easier and easier to conceal stuff.  Anyone that sees a bulge or a clip just assumes it’s your cell phone.

The knife itself is beautiful to look at.  I like the brushed steel look with the green handle.  It fits well and feels like a knife should in my hand.  I’ve held other knives that just feel like there is nothing there.  No weight and no grip to hold onto makes me nervous about using one in a fight.  This knife just feels good and gives me more confidence that I’m actually fighting with something more than a toothpick.  I liked this knife as soon as he handed it to me.  Eric showed me that you could wear it as a neck knife and sells it as such.  I like it with the included belt clip way better.

Eric is a Journeyman Blade smith and holds certifications all over.  He is also a firearms instructor, so we got to hang out and talk about tons of cool stuff.  I wish I understood all the things he explained to me about this knife and the other knives he makes.  Like most of you out there, I’ve owned and used dozens of knives over my lifetime, some good, some bad.  This knife just says quality all over it when you pick it up.  I’m enjoying owning and now have a knife I’m really proud of carrying and showing off.

If you are in the market for a beautiful custom knife, Eric makes tons of different knives.  If you want a small concealable tactical fixed blade knife, I think you’d be very happy with his neck knife.  He isn’t Walmart.  To get one of his knives you have to contact him, explain what you want, negotiate a price, and then wait a little while for him to make the knife by hand.

I get a lot of products to try, but most end up in a box someplace or given away to someone else.  This knife is now part of my EDC (Every Day Carry).  I’m betting my life on it in an emergency.

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  1. toon
    August 17, 2015

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    can i buy this knive?

  2. CJ Sak
    February 22, 2013

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    I am the lucky owner of two of Erik’s knives. One is the proto for the knife you are showing and another is a bowie. Erik is one hell of a knife maker IMHO. Good on you guys for supporting him.
    CJ Sak

    • Ben Branam
      February 22, 2013

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      Awesome! I saw a picture of one of his bowie knives, but he had already sold the one he had at the show. What’s yours look like? Email me a pic, I’d love to see it.

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