Operation Gun Rights Wk 7

By on February 18, 2013

This week I sent another form letter through Ruger.com and called my one Congressman that doesn’t seem to be listening.  Of course the email newsletters he’s been sending me are all for things that he wants to make important, budget issues.  Last week Tom Gresham theorized that the gun banners would try and work on other things until we all get tired and then pass bans, magazine limits, and/or universal background checks.  Universal Background checks are actually to create a national database of all gun owners.  Currently the law prohibits the Federal Government from keeping a database.  They would like to overturn that law and create a database of all gun owners.

What comes after gun registration, gun confiscation.  Right now the State of New York law enforcement is debating how to do it.  They will be collecting guns from people that commit the crime of failing to re-register their guns.  It would also make that person a felon.  It’s like if you forgot to register your car, the government would come and pick it up, and then charge you with a felony for not registering it on time.

Sounds like confiscation to me.  Anyways, my Congressman’s office is really polite and took down my message of don’t vote for any of this stuff.  I’m hoping that enough people are calling that my message is getting through.  I’m afraid that this guy is going to do whatever he feels like despite what the public tells him.

How is going for you?

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