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By on December 18, 2012

In the Marine Corps I could never find anything good enough in the issue gear, so I bought all my own stuff (or at least as much as they would let me).  The Marines called me a “Gear Queer” because I was always buying new stuff to try out.  And I tried a lot of stuff when I was in the Marines and as a Contractor.  Here are some of the things on my gear wish list.

Magpul Sling or at Magpul Industries

This is a style sling I built overseas.  The single point rifle slings are super useful and simple.  The only problem was that the rifle swings around a lot.  A 2 point sling keeps the rifle from swinging around, which I like.  When you drop your rifle onto the sling to do something else the single point slings allows the rifle to swing and hit me places I don’t want to be hit.  The advantage of the single point is that it can be warn on the body and quickly attached to the rifle.  This single allows you to wear the sling like a single point and then quickly attach it if necessary, but you can also take the extra step of turning this one into a 2 point sling.  So I “need” one of these.

5.11 Tactical VTAC Brokos Belt or at 511 Tactical

Now that we have more then one way to attach pouches to our gear it stinks to buy pouches for my tactical vest and pouches for my belt, now this system allows me to carry either style pouch on belt.  These are getting really popular, so I “need” to try one.

TYR Tactical Gunfighter Belt

This is another belt that allows you to mount either style of pouch to your belt.  Just something else I want to try.

FirstSpear Strandhogg Plate Carrier

Here is a really cool new technology for a plate carrier.  This one is ultra light because of the laser cut in the fabric that allows stuff to be mounted to it instead of the normal extra webbing stitched to the outside of the carrier.  Other companies lightweight armor carriers weigh 3.5 pounds, but this one is only 1.7.  Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain.  Trust me!  In Iraq my kit was almost 80 pounds, any pounds shaved would have been a blessing.

Double M4 mag pouch, Pistol Mag Pouch, and Drop Pouch

These are suppose to be the lightest thing on the market and I want to put it to the test to see if it will actually survive under real-world abuse.  If I was still a Marine, or working overseas as a contractor I would have already bought and tested this stuff to see if it was strong enough.

Combat Belt Suspenders at Spec-Ops Site

Above I talked about how much weight I use to carry, and I tried to spread load some of that from my body armor to my belt, the problem was that my belt would never stay put, especially when I was wearing a thigh rig.  So I “need” to try some of these.

Have fun this holiday season and always,

Stay Safe,


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  1. Tammy
    December 18, 2012

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    I don’t know about your other readers, but as someone who’s never served in the military, I’d be interested in a rundown of what makes up that 80 pounds you were carrying around. Maybe a topic for a blog post sometime?

    • Ben Branam
      December 18, 2012

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      Sure, I can do a post about that, but here is a quick list just off the top of my head:

      Interceptor Vest Plates Chest Harness Pouches 12 Magazines Rifle w 2 mags 3 Grenades 1 Smoke NVGs Camal Pack Compass Range Finder Note taking Gear Radio ISR GPS Maps Plotting Board Calculator Helmet NVG Mounts Flashlights x2 Batteries for everything Gloves, work Gas Mask Extra Filters Gloves, Chemical Duct Tape 550 Cord

      Thanks for the idea!

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