Vehicle Breakdown

By on November 12, 2011

There are times you will get stuck and there is nothing you can do about it.  Here are a couple things you should have in case of a break down.

– Have a spare tire and know how to change it.

– Put a couple bottles of water and some extra clothes or a blanket in the car.

– Have a book or a deck of cards to pass time

– Have phone numbers of people that can help you in your phone and written down somewhere in the car.

Hear are a couple things to think about if when you do get stuck.

– Don’t be afraid to leave your vehicle to go someplace safer.  Either out of traffic or to a populated place.  Your vehicle can be replaced, you can’t.

– Be careful of anyone that stops to help you that you haven’t called.  Listen to your instincts.  If something is telling you that you don’t want to be around this person, tell them you have like 20 people including the police on the way and they will be there any second.  Be firm with your answer and don’t change it due to what that person says.

– Be watching for anyone that approaches your vehicle so you don’t get surprised.

– If it is safe, stay in your vehicle and lock the doors.

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    December 21, 2011

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    Knowing how to change your tire is an advantage specially if you get a flat tire in a remote place. Always bring your spare tire and other tools all the time.

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