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I post information on Self Defense almost daily.  It’s my passion and hope that most of the information is never necessary.  I also post things just for fun to do with tactica-cool stuff like this on using Night Vision Goggles.  Every-once-in-a-while I come across a cool gun that I get to fire or use and post about it, like this old Colt Mustang (great gun by the way).  I also post things that happen in my own life like a couple weeks ago I got stuck in an unbelievable rain storm and couldn’t go back and couldn’t really stop.

If you are a complete Podcast person check out these podcasts I did with Bob Mayne on the Handgun World Podcast and also here is a fun story I put together for him about me almost causing an International Incident while I was a Marine in Kuwait just before Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I am also working on starting my own Podcast.  Do you think I should?

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