Viewing: Vehicle Self Defense

Podcast 205 Sanitize Your Vehicle TTT

By on September 19, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by EmailFun Fun Fun Today:  What’s in your car that could be used against you or your family? Sanitize your car by going through it and taking out anything that could lead someone to your family

Podcast 179 Safety and Self Defense Tips From a Professional Driver

By on March 8, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday:  Self Defense tips while driving from a professional driver.  I’ve been driving a truck or carrying a gun my entire life to make a living.  I give tips on both these skills during the

Podcast 115 Where Do You Park?

By on February 10, 2015

In this podcast we talk about where you park your vehicle and things you might want to think about. They are easy tips that can make you safer that can become second nature. I thought about this one early morning

Podcast 91 Vehicle Fighting

By on June 13, 2014

  Fighting in and with your vehicle is hard.  We all use our cars, trucks, and vans everyday.  Inside we think we are safe.  But are we? Not really.  Like everything there are advantages and disadvantages to them.  Listen to