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Travel Lessons Learned

By on January 10, 2012

I just got back from a trip to California for a funeral.  I had to fly, and since I was only there for a couple days I didn’t want to pay or hassle with a checked bag.  So obviously that

Airport Danger

By on January 6, 2012

Where are you in the most danger in an airport?  A question most of us don’t think about.  We just think about airports and terrorism (or the pain of getting through security), but what are terrorist after? In the last

Real Travel Fun

By on January 5, 2012

Real travel fun is traveling with small children.  My wife is flying out for a funeral with our 2-year old son.  It becomes a nightmare to get the kid through security and onto the flight.  Here are a couple thoughts

The Joy of Traveling, Continued

By on January 4, 2012

Once you are on the plane you are still responsible for your own security.  Most things are out of your control, but you should take responsibility for anything you can.  Watch people on the flight.  Any Terrorist?  Which one is

The Joy of Traveling

By on January 3, 2012

This week I have to fly to California for a funeral.  I don’t like to fly and the reason I’m going stinks.  I’m only there a couple days so I’m only doing a carry-on. Here are things that I always