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Podcast 140 Back to School

By on September 1, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: It’s that time of year! The kids are all going back to school. You world has changed whether you have kids or not. Now is a good time to look over your self defense

Alarm Systems

By on January 23, 2013

Alarm systems in your house are good and bad.  Boy, they can be a pain in the butt.  I had one in the first house we bought, monitoring and all.  When everything worked, the alarm was just there and we

Foot Traffic

By on January 17, 2013

How many people that walk through your neighborhood or by your house will have a direct effect on how many crimes happen in your area.  My house is on the corner of the main drag.  Foot traffic and vehicle traffic

Podcast 15 Christmas Party Time

By on December 10, 2012

What’s Going On at Modern Self Protection Feb 16 SA Range Party March 16 SA Beyond Concealed Carry Handgun Course March Beyond Concealed Carry Course in Dallas Next Video on Malfunction Drills Members get cool extras Giving away 3

Lights, Camera, Action

By on October 10, 2012

Last week, I posted 10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Safer.  Number 1 was lights, with the tag line “Make sure it’s easier to see around your house than in your house at night.”  Today, I thought I’d explain

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Safer

By on October 5, 2012

Lights – Make sure it’s easier to see around your house then in your house at night. Locks – Use the locks that are on your doors and windows always all the time. Improve Locks – Reinforce your dead bolts