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Podcast 208 Property Rights v Gun Rights

By on October 10, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by Email  Today:  Are Gun Rights more important than Private Property Rights? Can there be a middle ground? Does one exclude the other? It’s a hard question.  We all want Gun Rights (and I haven’t met

Podcast 171 Gun Rights and a Shooting War

By on November 3, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: Some are talking about starting a shooting war to preserve our rights.  It’s really not a good idea.  If there is anything else we can do, we should. Announcements Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network

Podcast 161 The Firearms Industry and Gun Rights

By on June 16, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: I start by talking about what has been happening at Sparks Firearms and will there be a run on guns and ammo.  Then we talk about gun rights and propaganda anti rights groups are

Podcast 123 Gun Rights and the Law

By on April 10, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by Email Today we talk about Gun Rights and the Law. Things change all the time and you need to keep up on the gun laws in your area. You need to actually read the law.

Operation Gun Rights

By on April 16, 2013

Fighting Just to Fight This week Alan Gottlieb has been called a traitor and worst.  Alan Gottlieb is the guy that started the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF).  The SAF has been winning huge court cases for a while now.  They

Operation Gun Rights Wk 11

By on March 19, 2013

This week I saw Smith and Wesson put up the same style thing as Ruger and Hornady.  I used the Smith site this week to send another message to my representatives.  After using all three sites, my favorite is the