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Podcast 173 The Firearms Industry Today

By on November 24, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by Email  Today: What’s going on in the Firearms Industry; what can you expect, how can you get a great deal, and it’s Black Friday! Announcements Upcoming Courses Jan 21, 2017 Pistol Fighting Dynamics: Art of the

Podcast 167 Detained by a Security Guard

By on September 9, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: Detained by a Security Guard, you didn’t do anything wrong, but what should you do? What can you do? What if you are carrying a weapon? Done right, it’s an inconvenience, done really badly

Podcast 161 The Firearms Industry and Gun Rights

By on June 16, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: I start by talking about what has been happening at Sparks Firearms and will there be a run on guns and ammo.  Then we talk about gun rights and propaganda anti rights groups are

Uber Policy Change: Should You Care?

By on August 19, 2015

Even-though an Uber driver in Chicago (of all places) just stopped a murder with his legally carried firearm, Uber came out and said as a policy you cannot have guns in their vehicles. A local burger chain (Whataburger) in Texas

Podcast 131 Things CHL Holders Need

By on June 17, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by Email I’m working on an eBook about Point Shooting and looking for some help. If you would like a first run copy and are willing to help me with some of the editing and go

Podcast 125 Carry Ammo

By on April 24, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by Email This episode is all about carry ammo, how to test it, how to take care of it, and when to change it. Announcements Apr 18, 2015 Beyond Concealed Carry in Dallas, TX SOLD OUT