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Handgun Malfunctions 101: Immediate Action

By on July 30, 2014

Guns are simple mechanical devices, but even the simplest break or don’t work as they should all the time.  Here is an outline of the most common handgun malfunction problems and their immediate fix. A malfunction is anything that interrupts

Shooting Steel

By on July 10, 2014

I love shooting steel! It’s fun and can be used for great training.  It gives immediate feedback and allows you to learn follow-up shots faster and improve your accuracy with less practice, and it keeps your ego in check.  If

Beyond Concealed Carry Houston

By on June 11, 2014

  Sept. 27th, 2014 (Saturday) 8:30am – 5:30pm Location: The Impact Zone 10878 kerr rd Hempstead, TX.77445 832-274-8549 This is a 8 hour course designed for the Concealed Carrier or someone more advanced than a beginner.  We start with

Podcast 90 Study of a Phoenix Shooting

By on May 31, 2014

  Download Here 15 Years ago a CHL holder was in a deadly shootout.  He won and survived, but the police office he was trying to protect didn’t make it.  The bad guy went to jail for the rest of

Can You Fight with a Handgun?

By on September 5, 2013

Handgun fighting is close, fast, and dirty.  One of the secrets we can use to win is moving.  In most gun battles, the good guy is behind the power curve.  Because we, the good people, don’t go looking for trouble,

Podcast 57 Risk v Reward

By on August 1, 2013

Download Here Risk versus Reward is something we should all think about anytime we do something.  This includes training, carrying self defense weapons, and putting yourself places you shouldn’t be. In this episode we discuss risk versus reward in firearms