Podcasts with Bob Mayne

Here is a list of shows I’ve done with Bob Mayne on his show Handgun World Podcast.  If you don’t listen to Bob you probably should.  It’s a great show and he has some incredible guest.  Last week he had Massad Ayoob as a guest!

Here are the shows I’ve done with him so far (we are recording another episode this week).

Episode 175 Risk vs. Reward we talked about different types of concealed carry and what risks and rewards there where with them.  And it’s just a good way to think about life, analyze your risk verus reward on everything you do. (Download Here)

Episode 173 IDPA Classifier, Vehicle Carry, and Listener Calls we talked about how we both completely chunked the classifier, but had some fun and learned some things. (Download Here)

Episode 170 New Shooters we talked about new shooters, how people can start shooting and how to help new shooters with a little bit of instructor advice for people that want to teach others how to shoot. (Download Here)

Episode 167 Practicing with your Defensive Rifle we talked about shooting a defensive rifle, what I carry and why, and about a competition we both just shot with our defensive rifles. (Download Here)

Episode 164 Mixed Bag we discussed just fun stuff including a new Glock Trigger I installed on my carry gun, a funny incident I had when I worked for an armored car company in California, and just fun. (Download Here)

Episode 160 Spotting Trouble and Selecting Ammo we talked about staying out of trouble by seeing it coming, we talked about our current carry ammo and a good way to select a carry ammo. (Download Here)

Episode 157 A Real Gunfight we talked about a gunfight I was in while in Iraq as a Marine during the 2003 invasion.  This was my first interview and the first time I met Bob.  We got together for an IDPA match and he had his recorder in his pocket and we did an interview. (Download Here)

Stay Safe,