Where’s your Gun?

By on April 12, 2016

Literally, right now, where is your gun?  Your self defense gun.  Where is it?  It should be on you or within reach.  Is it?  When you store it, is it ready to go?  Can you get to it quickly? At

The One Handgun Reload You Should Practice for Self Defense

By on April 8, 2016

The one type of reload you should be practicing for self defense. There are many types of handgun reloads out there, but the only one you you should be working on for self defense is the emergency reload or speed

Podcast 157 Terrorism and What You Can Do

By on April 7, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: Taking care of yourself and family is one of the best things you can do to fight terrorism. Learn some simple things you can do to protect yourself and family. Announcements April 16-17 Beyond

Open Carry and Unintended Consequences

By on April 5, 2016

Open carry of hand guns has come to Texas! And I’m glad.  Now I don’t have to conceal my gun if I don’t want to.  I’ve started open carrying out of convenience. I carry concealed most of the time but

Carbine vs Handgun Speed and Accuracy

By on April 1, 2016

This is a video I shot while I was on the range testing the new Jard Inc. J67.  The J67 is a 9mm bull-pup rifle that takes Glock magazines.  So I tested it against a Glock handgun. The speed the

Podcast 156 What You can Learn from a Double-Action Revolver

By on March 31, 2016

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: The Double-Action revolver can teach you a lot about self defense shooting. Get one and try these tricks to learn how to be a better shooter. Announcements April 16-17 Beyond Concealed Carry Advanced in