Podcast 137 Handgun Accuracy

By on July 21, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday – Is your handgun accurate enough? Should you look at tests to see which gun is the most accurate and carry that? How accurate can you be with your chosen gun? Are some guns

Podcast 135 Jade Helm 2015: What is it? Why Should I Care?

By on July 16, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday – Jade Helm 15: What is it? Should you care? And will it effect you? No, No, and No is the short answer but to learn more check out the podcast. Announcements Aug 8-9,

Podcast 135 Complacency Kills and The Tile App Review

By on July 14, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday: One of the number one killers of police officers is Complacency. They get lazy and don’t do the things they are supposed to do to keep themselves safe. We as self defense people do

Holster Selection

By on July 2, 2015

Last week, Larry Vickers outlawed appendix carry in his classes, citing safety concerns. Now the blog world is going nuts about it. He even says in his Facebook statement that he doesn’t think appendix is a bad idea, he just

Podcast 134 Body Armor

By on June 30, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday It’s all about body armor. Check out the podcast to find out more about what type of armor you should use and what type you should buy. Sponsor of The Day – Sparks Firearms

Carry Yourself for Self Defense

By on June 24, 2015

How do you carry yourself? What do others think of you when you walk into a room? You do it. You judge someone by the way they look, talk, and walk. Even when you see someone from far away, you