Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced Course Description

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Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced a 2-day intermediate course designed for concealed carriers.

This course will get you shooting and moving faster then you ever thought.  It starts at the beginning level and by the end you’ll be running and gunning like a pro.  This course gets you shooting fast and then moving fast.  It is designed around the concept of a typical concealed carry self defense gun use.  But you will also work on some out of the ordinary situations, as well as the worst case you can probably imagine.
June 24-25, 2017 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced Self Defense Pistol Course in Richmond, IL
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Gun being firedCourse Description:

This is a 16 hour course over 2 days designed for some who carries a concealed handgun or would like to.  We start with the basics of handgun safety and marksmanship and quickly progress to some basic dynamic movement and defensive scenarios, like shooting from cover, moving and shooting, advancing and retreating, defending hallways, one handed shooting, shooting around barricades, proper use of cover, shooting steel on the move, the art of making hits quickly out of the holster, shooting a hostage taker and more. You will shoot a minimum of 650 rounds of ammunition. Bring a quality handgun, holster, belt and magazine pouches and at least 3 magazines for your pistol. Revolvers and .22 caliber pistols are welcome.  We suggest you bring what you carry.
The 16 hours is broken into two days. We try to keep ammo count the same for both days. Most drills you will have the choice of how many rounds you want to shoot. So the amount of ammo you expend will be up to you.
Day 1 starts with an in-depth safety brief. Then we will work on presenting the gun to a threat in the best way for concealed carry. The next couple hours will be gun handling skills. You will learn how to reload and clear malfunctions in depth. From there you will be responsible for operating your gun; that means clearing your own malfunctions and reloading your gun on the range.  We run a hot range, just like the real world.
From there you learn how to fight. We start with multiple shots from realist distances. You will learn to make hits very fast at real-world distances and different techniques to win the fight. You will also learn what executable marksmanship is during a fight, and why some of the things you have learned are probably wrong.
During lunch you will get two class room discussions. The first on legal aspects of use of force, and some of the things you will need to know to survive the legal system if you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself. The second class is on mind set. Your mind is the weapon, the gun is just a tool. Get the right mind set to help you win the fight. Learn from someone who has been there done that more then once and what it means to have to fight for your life. This maybe the most important part of the entire class.  Learn this to win any fight!
After lunch and classes we head back to the range to learn how to shoot and move. We start easy and use the military’s proven “Crawl-Walk-Run” method to break down shooting and moving to one little step at a time.
By the end of the day you will be running up and down the range making hits faster then you thought possible. It’s easy once you get the training and simple techniques down.
Day 2 starts again with another range safety brief (the more advanced the techniques get, the more important safety becomes).  After the safety brief you will be off and running shooting while moving at odd angles.
After that it’s into multiple targets. We will do some real-world tests with different techniques and then work them on the range. You’ll find a new way to solve the problem of multiple bad guys.  Most people don’t know it, don’t teach it, are afraid to teach it, or just can’t adapt military tactics civilian self defense.  Once you learn this method, you’ll never do anything else.
June 24-25, 2017 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced Self Defense Pistol Course in Richmond, IL
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Lunch is more classes about your mindset and winning the fight.   You’ll learn how to deal with people during and after a self defense shooting.  You’ll also get some good ideas on how to interact with the police that will show up during or after you defend yourself.
After lunch back to the range to do a hostage rescue drill that will make your skill crawl.  It will give you a better idea of what you can and can’t do under stress and give you a plan for the worst case scenario (someone puts a gun to a loved-ones head).  You will come away with a more realistic view of your skills and what is possible in the worst case scenario.
Then we set up drills based around active shooters. You will learn to move through a crowd with your weapon and how to engage targets in a crowded area.

After those two incredibly taxing drills we will work on our long range shooting and see what is actually possible with a handgun.

At the end of class we will do some fun drills (time permitting).  A battle field pickup drill where you get to learn how different guns work and the opportunity to shoot a bunch of different guns.  And a head-to-head competition is always a fun way to end and give you bragging rights.
We end the class with what to do in the aftermath of a shooting.
You’ll learn how to deal with people (bad guys, good guys, and just onlookers).  You’ll also get some good ideas on how to interact with the police that will show up during or after you defend yourself.
Self defense is about surviving the person trying to kill you, living with what happened, and the legal system. You will learn all three at this class.
Come train with us. You will have a great time and learn some really cool stuff. Plus get a chance to test your gear and meet some of the best people on the planet (those in the firearms community).

You will shoot a minimum of 600 rounds.  Bring extra and you may get to shoot a lot more.  Most of the drills are set up to allow you to pick how many rounds you would like to shoot.

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You’ll come away with a new understanding of your skills, what you need to do to survive, more confidence then ever before, and some great new friends.
In this course you’ll learn:
  • Firearms Safety in the Real World
  • How to Draw a Gun to Defend Yourself
  • How to Reload and Run Your Gun during a Fight
  • How to Clear Malfunctions without Looking or Thinking
  • To Shoot Faster then Before
  • Combat Marksman Ship
  • How to make hits while moving
  • Defend Yourself Against Multiple Attackers
  • How to Take a Hostage Rescue Shot
  • Self Defense Mind Set
  • Legal Aspects of Carrying and Using a Gun
  • Dealing with the after math of using your gun
  • How to deal with a mass shooting
  • Long range Marksmanship with a handgun
  • And more!
You’ll get 2 Days of fun and training.  Come hangout with some of the best people in the world.
Novice shooters;
– this class is for you!  We start with safety and how to draw the gun.  You will get a good understanding on one of the most important skills to learn (the draw).  Then we move into how to reload the gun and clear malfunctions under stress.  You’ll learn to shoot fast and hit targets, and how to shoot while moving.  We use multiple instructors and will be able to help you get shooting fast and safe.  Then you’ll learn how to fight with a gun.
Expert Shooters;
– This class is for you!  The first half of the first day should all be review: Safety, Drawing, Reloads, and Malfunction Drills are all something we could always work on.  The second half of the first day you get shoot as fast as you can (I’ll encourage you to shoot faster).  Then you’ll get to run up and down the range shooting.  The second day just gets better with multiple targets while moving, hostage rescue drills while moving, and an opportunity to shoot some mass shooter drills that you can’t do on your own.  You’ll also get a chance to test your skill at extended ranges with your handgun (can you make a hit at 100 yards?).
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What you’ll need to bring for the Class:
  • A Serviceable Handgun (We recommend a 9mm or larger but a .380 or .22 will work.  Bring what you normally carry)
  • An extra gun (if you have one in case your primary breaks: If something breaks we can either fix it or loan you a replacement to finish the course)
  • A Proper Belt worn Holster for your specific make/model of pistol.  Manufactures like Concealment SolutionsComp-TacBlade TechDale FrickeSafariland, or 19 Charlie Tactical.  NO Blackhawk Serpa Holsters allowed.
  • A Belt-Worn ammo pouch from the above makers is also suggested (again start with what you normally wear).
  • Long Pants or Shorts with belt loops (jeans, or 511-type tactical pants are suggested)
  • A Sturdy belt designed to carry a gun.
  • Sturdy Footwear, Hiking Boots, Athletic Shoes, etc… No open-toed anything.  You will be on your feet moving all day over dirt and uneven terrain.  Please wear shoes you will be able to move around in all day.
  • Long Sleeve or sports shirts are recommended.  No deep V-Necks or large open necks.  Brass flies around and is hot.  If it goes down your shirt it will hurt.  Athletic clothing please.
  • Over shirts or vests for concealed carry are recommended (something you would wear on the street) but not necessary.
  • Eye and Ear Protection and a Baseball cap or hat with a brim are required at all times.  We recommend eye and ear protection designed for shooting.  They can be found at any shooting store at minimal cost.  If you can afford the electronic ear muffs (like these Howard Leight Impact Sports Electronic Muffs will make the day more enjoyable)
  • 800 Rounds of Factory Ammo (NO RELOADS!)  Most drills you will be able to shoot as much as you want. You can order ammo by the case cheaply here from my affiliate.  Leave the ammo in it’s original boxes and just bring it all in a bag or ammo can.  Keep the original boxes so if there is a problem with the ammo we can figure out where it came from and sort it form other stuff.
  • At least 3 Magazines for your weapon, or 4 speed loaders.  We recommend you bring a couple more if you have them, but they are not required.
  • Bring back up guns and gear of you have them.  Not required but you would be surprised how often things break.
  • Whatever medications, liquids, foods, band aids, sun screen, etc… you will need for the day.  Most locations are remote and there is no place to get extra stuff.
  • Not taking gear, pen and paper or electronic tablet or phone in case you want to write stuff down.
  • You will also need a box, gun case or container of some sort to transport your gun(s) from the car to the firing line. If you carry your gun on your person, no problem, leave it holstered. We do all gun handling on the firing line together, NOT in the parking lot. You’ll have opportunity to swap out carry ammunition. What we don’t want are ANY guns to be out of containers or holsters anywhere but the firing line!
  • Don’t bother loading your magazines up before class. The first couple drills you will only need a limited number of rounds and you will have plenty of time to load your magazines during the day.
  • Food and Water for the day.  There isn’t time to go get something and you won’t want to waste the class time to do so.  We eat on the range to maximize the training time.


June 24-25, 2017 Beyond Concealed Carry Enhanced Self Defense Pistol Course in Richmond, IL
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