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Book Review: Their Arrows Will Darken the Sun: Evolution and Science of Ballistics

By on August 4, 2013

I picked up the book Their Arrows Will Darken the Sun after hearing the author on Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk.  I’m kind of a ballistics geek and really enjoy the science behind how the bullet goes down range.  So when

VersaCarry Holster Review

By on July 31, 2013

I was walking through the isles of my local Academy in the shooting area and saw a new holster design.  It was on sale for $25 and thought it would be fun to try.  So I bought a VersaCarry for

Podcast 56 Fighting Flashlight

By on July 21, 2013

Down Load Here Why a Flashlight Goes Anywhere Use all the time 50% of our life is in Darkness Choosing a Flashlight Solid (no Plastic) LED Bulb  About $100 Long Enough to stick out of both sides of your hand

Podcast 46 Lube

By on June 9, 2013

Download Here Sponsor today is  You need a holster, you should get one of these. We all use gun lube for different things.  I use CLP, normally Breekfree or Kleen Bore.  I’m testing Frog Lube CLP to see what

“God, The Gunman & Me” Book Review

By on May 22, 2013

“God, The Gunman & Me” is written by Jeanne Assam about her experience in a Colorado church shooting.  In 2007, a lone gunman entered the New Life Church and started killing people.  Jeanne Assam was the one person in the

Ruger LCR Review

By on March 27, 2013

After much deliberation and prodding from more than one person, I decided to try appendix carry.  It made me uncomfortable for a while and now I’m carrying there everyday.  I tried my Glock, then my Kel-Tec .32, neither worked for