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I Can’t Get Training: What can I do?

By on October 16, 2017

I can’t get training, what should I do? Yes you can. In today’s day and age, there are a million ways to get training. Obviously the first place you can go is a local course. Everyone always thinks they need

Podcast 208 Property Rights v Gun Rights

By on October 10, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by Email  Today:  Are Gun Rights more important than Private Property Rights? Can there be a middle ground? Does one exclude the other? It’s a hard question.  We all want Gun Rights (and I haven’t met

Podcast 206 Shooting Suppressed

By on September 27, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by Email  Today:  Shooting Suppressed Guns.  How’s that work?  Does it help? Is it worth it? I shot a competition using suppressed guns last week at my local range, LoneStar Handgun, here in San Antonio and

Podcast 204 Extreme CQB for the CHL Holder

By on September 14, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by Email  Today:  Extreme CQB (Close Quarters Battle) is not something to take lightly.  It is one of the worst fights you could ever get into.  Having someone holding you that is trying to kill you

Podcast 200 Don’t Drop It! It’s a Sig

By on August 23, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday:  I get together with Bob Mayne and Paul Carlson to talk about the Sig P320.  We talk about hard questions, like: Would you still carry one if you had one? During the discussion we

Podcast 197 Sig 320 RX and X-Five Review

By on July 31, 2017

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday:  I review the Sig 320 RX and Sig 320 X-Five new guns.  Spoiler alert: I liked them. I start with a quick history of the guns.  Then jump into my first thoughts on the