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Podcast 137 Handgun Accuracy

By on July 21, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday – Is your handgun accurate enough? Should you look at tests to see which gun is the most accurate and carry that? How accurate can you be with your chosen gun? Are some guns

Holster Selection

By on July 2, 2015

Last week, Larry Vickers outlawed appendix carry in his classes, citing safety concerns. Now the blog world is going nuts about it. He even says in his Facebook statement that he doesn’t think appendix is a bad idea, he just

Podcast 132 News: The Church Shooting and Gun Control

By on June 23, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by EmailToday we talk about the Church Massacre in South Carolina with some tips on what you can do to survive a like situation and some of the Gun Control that will be launched from the

The Problem with Traditional Handgun Hollow Points

By on June 17, 2015

Hollow points have been around for a long time and are getting better all the time, but there may be a fatal design flaw in the entire concept. A traditional hollow point gets its effectiveness by expanding. It expands by

Podcast 131 Things CHL Holders Need

By on June 17, 2015

Click Here Get Notes by Email I’m working on an eBook about Point Shooting and looking for some help. If you would like a first run copy and are willing to help me with some of the editing and go

Sig GT 20 10mm Review

By on June 2, 2015

The SIG Sauer GT 20 is a brand new design. It takes a stainless steel framed P220 and turns it from the standard 45 ACP into a 10mm. The gun is further altered by making it single action only. Unknown