Podcast 218 Handgun Mounted Lights: Tactics and Types

By on January 9, 2018

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Today:  Handgun Mounted Lights; the good, the bad, the ugly. Are they for you? Which one is best? A look at Surefire, Stream Light, Inforce, and Crimson Trace


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What I want in a Handgun Mounted Light:

  • Switch: Easy to operate, Doesn’t change my shooting, use either hand
  • Master Disable Switch that can be used when on or off the gun
  • Easily taken off and put on the gun
  • Common enough holsters for concealed carry and tactical use
  • Bright mode and low mode that is easy to select
  • Rechargeable Batteries and Use common batteries in a pinch
  • LED
  • Battery Life Indicator


  • Light and Move
  • Cover the light for navigation
  • Light, Sweep, Move
  • Don’t need the light on to shoot
  • Face is a good place to shine the light
  • Less effective every time you use the light on someone
  • More light is not always better
  • More to learn and train; not less work

Weapon Mounted vs Handheld Light

  • Weapon Mounted Whenever Possible
  • Advantages outweigh Disadvantages
  • Advantages
    • One Handed Use
    • Never Lose it
    • Don’t have to put is someplace
    • Light is always pointing where the gun is pointed… less extra work
    • Gun goes away, light goes away
  • Disadvantages
    • Holsters
      • Bigger
      • Not as Safe
    • Always pointing the gun at something (Use tactics to minimize this problem)
    • Heavier
    • More Maintenance
  • Final Word: BOTH!

Weapons Lights I’ve Used and are common:

Surefire X300

  • Rocker Switch for on
  • Push for on Sucks
  • Indestructible

Stream Light TLR-1



  • Rocker Switch, one way on, other way momentary
  • Easy on and off (relatively)
  • Good Price
  • Works Well
  • My current favorite

Crimson Trace


Crimson Trace LightGuard

  • Grip Activation (Not a fan)
  • Slim
  • 1 Battery

Inforce Light APL

Inforce APL Light

Inforce APL

  • Currently Testing
  • Push in for momentary and on
  • Light Weight
  • Fits same holsters as Surefire Lights
  • Shorter then Surefire or TRL-1

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