Podcast 217 How to Take a Firearms Course

By on December 31, 2017

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Today: How to take, prepare for, and enjoy a firearms course.  We make this way too complicated.  Follow a these simple suggestions and you have a better time, learn more, and create a better experience.


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Idea from Barbell Logic Podcast

Saying from James Yeager “Lots of people have paid me lots of money to show me how well they can shoot”

How to do it right:


  • No Training unless it’s a pass or fail you need to pass
  • Read the course description
  • Create a check list
  • Make sure you have everything and pack extras
  • Find travel plans ASAP
  • Know range and where you are going
  • Bring Extra Ammo and Gun set up

1 Week Out

  • Prepare Physically
    • Water
    • Workouts Altered to be ready physically for the course
    • Spend Time Outside
  • Check your Gear/Make sure you have everything you should

Day Before

  • Double Check you have everything
  • Have everything packed the night before
  • Double check your route
  • Pack Extra food, more then you think you need
  • Pack extra water
  • Meds
  • Have clothes for warmer then you think it’s going to be
  • Have clothes for colder then you think it will be
  • Double Check the weather, but don’t trust it
  • Drink Water
  • Get Fuel
  • Get Sleep

Day 1

  • Before
    • Drink Water
    • You’re already packed
    • Get there early
    • Make sure you know where all your stuff is
    • Check in
    • Follow directions of whatever they say
    • Notice: No gun handling
  • Course
    • Ask Questions for understanding what is going on
    • There to learn that system
    • Have fun
    • Meet Everyone
  • After
    • Go out with everyone you can to meals
    • Time to debate and discuss different things with instructor
    • Enjoy Yourself
    • Drink Water
    • Get Sleep

Day 2

  • Be Early
  • Drink Water
  • Have fun
  • Same questions
  • After go out again if you can
  • Ask for follow up material
  • Write down what you remember

Week After

  • Reply to emails from students and instructor
  • Send email or calls to anyone you want to keep in touch with (including the instructors)
  • Practice dry techniques you want to keep

3-6 Months Later… Do it all again



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