I Can’t Get Training: What can I do?

By on October 16, 2017


I can’t get training, what should I do? Yes you can.

In today’s day and age, there are a million ways to get training.

Obviously the first place you can go is a local course. Everyone always thinks they need a high end shooting range for a week. I’d love to go to those but I can’t afford them either.

I started with a local company when I lived in California and got a great education at the time. You’re local gun shop or range will have a list or be able to refer you to someone. That person won’t be as cool as Larry Vickers or Mike Seeklander, but you’ll probably learn something and get better.

You can’t get to a local course because of time and/or money? Buy one online. Lots of people and places offer online courses and DVDs for under $100. Go to your local gun shop or big box store, normally there are some or a lot of DVDS on sale they are trying to get rid of.  Pick one, buy one, learn the techniques, practice dry all the techniques and then go to the range and practice.

Go to a local IDPA or USPSA match. Normally cost about $20 to $30 plus ammo. No, the match isn’t training, but you will learn to run your gun better.

You will get training by talking to the other people at the match. They will give you tips on how to shoot faster and better. They will talk tactics and mind set, plus what is going on in your local area. That’s great training.

There is YouTube, Facebook, podcasts, and the internet in general.  These are like any other thing in the world, they can be used for both good or evil. Educate yourself and keep going.

You could also join an online group. They are pretty cheap and you get some good training from videos. I use mine (ShootersClubMembers.com), Rob Pincus, and Mike Seeklander.  Join one or all of them and do what the videos tell you to do.

Lastly, if you have a smart phone, you do have enough money to get training. It’s your priorities that are messed up. You may be in a tight spot right now, but you haven’t always been there and you won’t always be there. You can get your life in order, then get priorities straight and take training.

Here are a couple of courses I use for ongoing free training:

YouTube Channels
Daniel Shaw
Tom Gresham First Person Defender
Travis Haley: Haley Strategic
Active Self Protection

Modern Self Protection
Handgun World Podcast
American Warrior Show
Concealed Carry Podcast
Safety Solutions Academy
Proarms podcast

Active Response Training
Suarez International


All this is just a start. If you think about it, and use some imagination, you can find a way get some training.


How are you getting training?


Stay Safe,



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