Podcast 206 Shooting Suppressed

By on September 27, 2017

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Today:  Shooting Suppressed Guns.  How’s that work?  Does it help? Is it worth it?

I shot a competition using suppressed guns last week at my local range, LoneStar Handgun, here in San Antonio and had a blast.

Every time I go out I’m always trying to learn something.  I got to shoot, for time, and score, a full auto MP5, Remington 700 .308, a Smith .22 Pistol, FN Shotgun, and the new Maxim 9mm, all suppressed.

First thing I learned is that when it isn’t your gun and you haven’t shot it before and don’t know the set up, it’s hard.  So in the real-world you think you are going to do a battle field pickup and fight the bad guys, you better know and be good with a lot of different weapon systems.  But even if you are good with that system (like I can run a bolt gun) that specific gun will have it’s quirks.  Like what range is the rifle zeroed at?  What ammo was it zeroed with? And what ammo is in the gun?

Second I learned again that suppressors are the best compensators on the market.  They reduce recoil a tone!  The FN Shotgun was a dream to shoot with a big suppressor on it.  Even a small statured young girl at the range did very well with the shotgun and it didn’t hurt or push her around.

If you ever get to do an event like this, take the opportunity and go for it!


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