Podcast 204 Extreme CQB for the CHL Holder

By on September 14, 2017

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Today:  Extreme CQB (Close Quarters Battle) is not something to take lightly.  It is one of the worst fights you could ever get into.  Having someone holding you that is trying to kill you is more then frightening, it can paralyze you with fear.  You only have a moment to act.  What should you do?

I’d love to tell you; do this technique and you’ll win every time.  The reality is that if you are in an Extreme CQB fight you are way behind.  There is no really good technique for such and up close, fast, and furious battle.  You just have to win.

In this podcast I’ll give you some ideas of techniques to try and how to train them.

The reality is your mindset to win the fight and survive against all odds will help you more then any technique out there.  Once you have the mindset and add some of the techniques mentioned here, you are on the way to being a good fighter.  Now go out practice, get some training, and practice some more.


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Podcast Outline:

Extreme CQB Defined: A fight for your life within touching distance or closer.

Gun as the Answer:

  • Not always
  • Must Create Space
  • Control the other Person
  • Shooting Angles
  • Cross Body Shots

Unusual Shooting techniques

  • You have to get into one
  • Close your Eyes
  • Know where the gun is pointed
  • Get that Cross Body Shot
  • Hold the Slide Closed if you have to
    • With off Hand
    • With Thumb
  • All will probably cause a malfunction
  • What can you Tap/Rack off of?
  • Don’t have much time to think

Thoughts on Extreme CQB Techniques

  • Break contact and create space
  • Use your elbow up across your body to create a bridge (Triangle)
  • Use the head to move someone
  • Tactical Patience

Gun Isn’t Always the Answer

  • Learn how to strike
    • With hands, elbows, knees, feet
  • Learn how to Grapple
  • Using a knife
  • Using pepper spray


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