Podcast 202 Preparedness After Harvey

By on September 5, 2017

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Today:  Are you prepared? Are you really prepared for anything?  Hurricane Harvey rolled though Texas and then came back for more.  The storm went through and devastated a bunch of small towns along the gulf just missing some of the bigger ones.

When it came back for more it slammed the Houston area.  Houston is one of the biggest cities in America and is now under water as of this recording.  They had record amounts of rain, and well over the 100 year flood event.  Houston doesn’t do well for flooding as it is.  Highways in and out are closed because the road is gone.

What are you doing to be prepared for a disaster in your area?  In your home?  Are you really doing everything you could be doing?


Where Harvey Hit

People Being Displaced:

  • Large influx of people
  • The 10% are out of their element
  • Uptick in crime
  • Bad guys lose their normal income and hunting grounds
  • Everyone is a little more desperate

My Preps

  • Truck set up easily for emergencies
  • Need to add wood and more screws to it
  • Have lots of cribbing material


  • Need more boards to home to shore up holes if I need it
  • Need some tarps for the same reason for holes in roof
  • Could use another ladder
  • More rope 550 and Cotton Rope

Food and Water

  • Want 6 months on hand
  • We took in someone and probably had a week with extra person
  • Water was starting to be cleared out
  • Want extra cases to donate to people; bottles are best
  • Air conditioned building in the back would be great for stores

What I’m doing

  • Clean out our home
  • Add lots of preps with extra room

Old Military Rule: Always be improving your position.

What are you doing to prepare for a natural disaster?



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