Podcast 196 A Rifle For Travel TTT

By on July 24, 2017

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Today: Do you carry a bigger gun when you travel?  I have a truck gun that I carry anytime I’m out of town.  Do you add to your self defense carry stuff before you leave for a long trip? Do you think about it before you leave?

This is a Truck Talk Tuesday.  Just out of my mind and into the recorder like we were having a conversation in while traveling.

I was thinking about having enough gun from the last episode and now I’m thinking about the long gun I carry on the road when I’m out of town for work.


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  1. Ben Branam
    July 28, 2017

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    The .357 Sig was a little more recoil and a little less performance then was intended. I think that’s why it never caught on (especially in a Glock platform).

    The 10 is one of the most interesting handgun cartridges ever! The 10mm out of the long barrel is impressive. A full power 10 is great out of a handgun. If I could only have one handgun caliber the 10 would be the one. It can hunt with when you stoke it up. You can load it down some for self defense. And load it light for fun and practice. It really is awesome.

    The JR Carbine is a great cheap way to go. The gun works fine, just no refinement to them. And run Glock Mags (which you already have and are cheap).

    The Aero rifle looks cool, but I have only seen one once and for a couple minutes. And I remember it being pretty expensive.

    Good luck and let me know you if you get one and how it shoots.

  2. TomStelene
    July 26, 2017

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    Good show! I’ve been thinking about a carry carbine and pistol in 10mm for self-defense and hunting – and fun! Surprisingly to me, a 16″ 10mm has better ballistics than a 6″ .41 Mag. I just got a Glock 20SF and I am considering the TNW Aero Survival Rifle in 10mm w/Glock mag and also JR Carbine is working on a 10mm. BTW, the .357 Sig is very impressive out of a carbine (TNW and JR) getting a good 400 or more fps. I just thought that was interesting and worth mentioning. Maybe those are two cartridges for you to consider. I know I like both!

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