Podcast 191 NRA Honor Guard Thoughts and Review on TTT

By on June 21, 2017

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Today:  Truck Talk Tuesday we talk about the NRA’s Honor and Carry Guard Program.  Is it any good?  Should you want a class or insurance from them? How is the NRA acting now that it is officially in the training business to make money?

The Honor Guard is their new (and improved?) training program with high end former military guys leading it.  Should you go get training from them?  I don’t know.  I’d like to take a class and find out before passing judgement, but as of right now, it looks like an advertising gimic and there are so many great instructors out there.  Let someone else spend their money to find out how good or bad it is.

The Carry Guard is their insurance program.  I’ll do without it.  They will put 20% of whatever amount you paid for upfront and then reimburse you for the other 80% afterwards.  Worst case (Jorge Zimmerman) your defense could cost millions of dollars.  Carry Gard “Gold” is up to $150,000.  So if you have this program, get into a gun fight and win, then get prosecuted for it, the insurance will put up $30,000 (20%) and will reimburse you for the rest (sooner or later? After you are acquitted?). I don’t know when.

The NRA kicking people out of the NRA Annual Meeting is scary to me.  I don’t mind the rest of it (think it could have been done better), but the NRA excluding people because they are doing things the NRA wants to do to make money at the last second.  Well, that just feels wrong and unethical.  I think they need to reavaluate how they are going about this and start again with an appoligy to some of it’s members about how they where treated.  Right now I don’t trust the NRA to keep its word because it lied to people that it had let into the Annual Meeting.  When you allow someone to come, they pay for booth space, have been there before, and then call them two weeks out and say they aren’t welcome without a real explanation, that’s wrong.

Everyone makes mistakes, including the NRA, and I hope they can right themselves after this one, and make things better.



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Podcast Outline:

Truck Talk Tuesday: A quick on subject talk from the truck with Ben Branam.  Just you me and some windshield time to talk about what is going on in the world.

NRA Honor Guard

  • Current NRA Training… Joke?
  • The New instructors as part of the Honor Guard
  • Hopefully improve the training world? With the new “Gold Standard”?
  • Is there better training?
  • Insurance from the NRA Honor Guard… Not for me. I use the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network.
  • What I’d like to see in an insurance program for self defense people.

How they are treating other companies that are promoting training and insurance.

  • Kicking out USCCA out of the NRA Annual Meeting
  • Using money to kick people around that they don’t want around.
  • This looks horrible and they look like jerks.

Hopefully More Trainers will equal more people that want training.  A raising tide raises all ships.


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Stay Safe,



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