Podcast 190 Why Terrorism Will Continue to Work in America

By on June 15, 2017

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Today:  Terrorism will continue to work in America for one simple reason: the people are not ready to do what is necessary to combat it.

Some of you are ready for the fight, to help law enforcement, and stand up for what is right even when it’s hard.  Most people in America are not.  They just want “someone” to do “something” about it.

Until we fix our culture terrorism will continue and may end up winning if we as Americans don’t fix ourselves.


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Podcast Outline:

The Public in general is not ready to do what is necessary.

  • They will not get involved before, during, or after an event.
  • Race-a-phobia will drag us to our doom.

The Public will not law enforcement do what is necessary

  • Law enforcement does nothing and has no push back from the public with real consequences on the officers, supervisors, administration, or government involved.
  • Officers that do things get major push back even when things go right. To the point they may lose their freedom, family, and everything that they ever worked for.
  • Citizens will not stand up for officers doing what is right.

Law enforcement will not do what is necessary

  • War is not about arresting and convicting people
  • Law enforcement training sucks

Federal Agencies are a joke

  • Race-a-phobia will get them fired or worst.
  • After little kids at the airport
  • Terror watch lists and warning are a joke
  • Looking for bad things, not bad people


  • Overuse of military force. Bombing them to the end will not work unless we do a war of attrition on an entire population (we should not be wiping out entire countries full of people).
  • Fear of acting on small scales
  • If commanders lose people they lose their careers. If they do nothing it is easier and faster for them to advance.
  • Only way to win this is one-on-one fighting in the streets. We will lose war fighters, but can win the war that way.
  • Our Spec-Ops troops cannot do it all. Conventional forces will have to get unconventional to get the job done.


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