Podcast 188 – Intelligence Drives Operations

By on June 3, 2017

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Today:  Intelligence drives all military operations. Your intelligence gathering should drive your self defense, before, during, and after an incident. Don’t ever stop gathering information to make a getter decision to make yourself and your family safer.  That information should be gather and used before someone tries to hurt you, while someone is trying to hurt you, and after you think it’s over.  The more information you have, the better you can act to save yourself and others you care about.


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Podcast Outline:

What “Intelligence Drives Operations” means

Action Develops Intelligence

Keep moving and doing something

Continually Gather information

Act Quickly on what you know and have

You’ll never know everything before you act, but afterwards someone will figure it out

You have seconds to decide, they have months to think about it

Everything and anything can get you killed, doing anything and doing nothing included

It’s hard to gather information if you aren’t doing something

Las Vegas Shooting in 2014: 3 Good Guys dead, 2 Bad Guys Dead

Orlando Night Club Shooting

Standard Convenience Store Robbery

Home Invasion


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