Podcast 185 Call 911!

By on May 23, 2017

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Today:  Calling 911 is a part of our world.  If you have never done it you should.  Like everything in the world, it takes practice to be good at it.

During this podcast we go over two 911 calls.  One went well even though the operator was kind of being a pain.  The second one went badly even though the operator was doing a good job of helping the caller.


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Podcast Outline:

Last week I called 911 twice in 2 days

What you should expect from a 911 operator

How you can make the call go better for you

Example 1: Can be found here (scroll down and play the call, skip the article).

  • The caller does well after the bad guy hit him with a car and then tried to run him over
  • The operator doesn’t fully listen to find out what is going on and has a bunch of miscommunications
  • This could happen to you

Example 2: Hear it in this YouTube video that is only sound.

  • The caller says a lot of things wrong
  • Doesn’t want to listen to the operator (even though this operator is giving good advise)
  • Things go very slowly for a long time and then get very exciting at the end

Neither example were convicted of a crime.

How could you do better?


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Stay Safe,





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  1. Steven Bratten
    May 23, 2017

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    Very interesting podcast! Have you listened to the 911 call of the young man in the Broken Arrow home invasion burglary? He was a real calm dude for being a 23 year old criminal justice student and airline employee. I wonder what training he has. Here is the link to the audio. http://heavy.com/news/2017/03/zach-peters-broken-arrow-burglary-home-invasion-shooting-911-calls-audio-listen/

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