Podcast 181 What you can Learn from Tac Con 2017

By on March 28, 2017

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Today:  Last weekend I went to Range Master’s Tactical Conference.  It’s a shooter’s conference designed for students and instructors for self defense shooting.  I really enjoyed it and of course learned some cool stuff.  I’m excited to say that I learned more then usual at these things.  I’ve gotten to the point where I only learn one or two things at each event I go to.  This one I learned a lot.  So I’m going to bring that knowledge to you.

This week is an overview about big thoughts and changes that I made to my life right after coming back.  These include changing my ECD, more personal focus on gun safety and safe storage of firearms, and different modes of carry.

Check out this episode to get ideas about your Every-Day-Carry, Violent Criminal Actors, Terrorist Bombings, and No Gun signs at church.



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Podcast Outline:

What I’m Changing in my life:

  • My Every-Day-Carry: I’m going back to carrying a pocket revolver thanks to a class from Chuck Haggard
  • Only 1% of our Gun Culture take training – Course from Karl Rahn
  • More Focus on Gun Safety when they aren’t on me – John Farnam
  • No more C-Grip or Palming the Gun to holster the gun
  • Use Eye Pro/Safety Glasses all the time when handling guns

What I’m Considering

  • Appendix Carry – Spencer Keepers I want to test this and learn more about it. I’m considering taking a Keepers course and am ordering one of their holsters.
  • Force on Force Training – How to do it safely, should I add it to the training I provide, and should you be taking a Force-on-Force course?
  • Everyone loves shooting, not everyone loves everything else in self defense
  • You don’t always have to stop an active shooter/killer, if you keep pressuring him, he’ll generally kill himself
  • Different Holsters: Appendix, SERPA, et al. Because they are popular, we should know about them and how to use them.
  • Holsters that sit too low… Trash them
  • Change my terms I use… Threat v Bad Guy
  • Trying to get work as an expert witness… You are an expert too. Act like it when asked a question about shooting or self defense.

Requires more Thought

  • Violent Criminal Actors (VCAs) – How evil people really can be, that those evil people are here in your neighborhoods, and how you have to deal with them (Class by William Aprill)
  • Terrorist Bombings
  • I’m the top of the top when it comes to training and self defense (but I’m not alone and neither are you).
  • No Gun Signs at big churches
  • “We no longer have a nation of laws; we have a nation of agendas… Adjust accordingly” – John Farnam
  • Farnam said the first thing to do in any self defense situation is move. Figure the rest out as you go (almost a standing ovation from me)
  • Safe vs Unsafe guns
  • Training is down everywhere


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Stay Safe,


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