Podcast 167 Detained by a Security Guard

By on September 9, 2016

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Today: Detained by a Security Guard, you didn’t do anything wrong, but what should you do? What can you do? What if you are carrying a weapon? Done right, it’s an inconvenience, done really badly and it could get you killed.  Most of us don’t think about it because we don’t break the law.  With a little thought and planning your experience will just be mildly annoying.


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Podcast Outline:

Avoidance if possible

What to Do

  • Stay Calm (always)
  • Work on de-escalating the situation
  • Showing some Respect goes a long way

What could go wrong

Who’s the Victim

  • The Store? The Security Guard, You?
  • Who Looks like the victim?
  • Who looks like the good guy?

What if you are armed?

  • Don’t tell them if at all possible (unless local law requires it)
  • Probably don’t want to give them your weapon if they find out

What if someone tries to hurt you

  • Hands on is okay, as long as they don’t try to hurt your
  • Control Techniques


  • Don’t Stop/Look back, just keep going
  • Don’t make them touch you to stop
  • Obey Commands if you can’t just leave
  • If they touch you, let them guide you… Not hurt you
  • Once they touch you, call 911
  • Ask for help from people around you: Yell for help
  • Then Don’t be an Ass
  • Talk in the open, get a police officer there
  • When you have to, let the police officer know you are armed by showing you ID and CHL


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Stay Safe,

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  1. -phil
    September 17, 2016

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    Man, oh man could I tell a story about a run in with a security guard and, subsequently, the police. Don’t be a jerk is excellent advice. Been there done that got the pat down.
    Thanks Ben!

  2. Larry Cunningham
    September 14, 2016

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    Loved the topic on the show today. I try to treat the people with respect if they treat me the same way. One thing I would point out though is the importance of having your receipt. Too many times people don’t want it and the tellers pitch it. If you are stopped then you could be SOL. I have been stopped by the police after leaving the gas station when paying at the pump was new. Luckily I had the receipt to show them.
    Larry Cunningham

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