Podcast 159 No Guns Sign

By on April 21, 2016

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Today: Dealing with No Gun signs. What can you do? Should you do anything? Find out how to work it out and what you can do.


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No Gun Sign, Regal Movie Theatrs

Podcast Outline:

Thanks to the guys from BCC Advanced: Chad, Mike, Mark, and Bob

Know the Laws

  • Is there a legal sign?
  • Know where it has to be placed
  • If you are asked to leave
  • What’s the punishment for violating a sign?
  • Does the sign have to be there by law?

Removing the Signs

  • Interview with Gene with San Antonio Gun Enthusiasts
  • Find the decision maker
    • Corporate, Regional, or Local
  • Find out why the sign went up
    • Gun Haters
    • Liability
    • Afraid of Guns
    • Worried other customers will be afraid
    • Insurance Company
  • Talk face to face if possible
  • Phone call next best
  • No Nasty emails, just nice emails as a last resort
  • Outline your concerns and give points against their reasons
  • It will take more then one person expressing themselves


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  1. Val
    May 2, 2016

    Leave a Reply

    Regarding the insurance liability bugaboo – the point has been brought up innumerable timed on many forums, but no one has shown a case of where an insurer has required a no guns posting. A couple times people claiming to be in the insurance business have stated “it’s not a thing”. Doesn’t mean there aren’t insurers who require a no gun zone, but we’ve seen no evidence.

    It would be easy for a manager/executive who just doesn’t want guns on the premises to use the insurance as an excuse, so he can enforce his desire without taking responsibility for it.

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