Podcast 158 You’re on Your Own

By on April 14, 2016

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Today: At the beginning of any disaster, mass shooting, or riot you are on your own for your self defense. Later people will come to help, but you have to take care of yourself first. Here is why…


*While supplies last*

Podcast Outline:

Recent Murder Suicide on Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio (Story Here)

  • Originally put out as a mass shooting
  • Bexar County Sheriff and SA PD involved
  • Base lock down
  • Local Schools lock down
  • Boy who cried wolf
  • Upper level military thinking
    • Keep stars for doing nothing
    • Loose them for doing something wrong
  • You are on your own

Law Enforcement Response Times

  • Will wait for more then one officer in big events
  • Riot I witnessed in Fullerton CA that was put down by one officer
  • Time and space, just is
  • EMS and Fire will wait for Law Enforcement to make the scene safe

Boy Who Cried Wolf

Top Level Thinking of LEOs

  • Officers cost money except when writing tickets
  • Officers getting into fights
  • Officers getting complaints
  • Officers making arrests
  • Officers attitude: No matter what, I’m going home tonight
  • Officer involved shooting
  • Dealing with the media

LEO/Military thinking during a mass shooting

  • Easier to keep you out of the way
  • They will and should hunt the bad guy before helping you individually
  • Want more then one guy on scene before acting
  • Military behind law enforcement on this issue


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