Podcast 156 What You can Learn from a Double-Action Revolver

By on March 31, 2016

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Today: The Double-Action revolver can teach you a lot about self defense shooting. Get one and try these tricks to learn how to be a better shooter.


Podcast Outline:

How I got a Smith & Wesson Model 66 Combat Magnum

Different Smith & Wesson Revolver Frame Sizes

  • J-Frame; small 5-shot pocket gun
  • K-Frame; Med size frame designed for the .38 Special but a M66 is the old combat magnum in .357 Magnum
  • L-Frame; Mid size frame designed for the .357 Mag. Little bigger to take the higher pressures of the .357
  • N-Frame; Large size frame designed for the .44 mag, .41, and others. Think Dirty Harry .44 M29
  • X-Frame; XLG Frame designed to be a 5 shot with the ultra magnum rounds like .500 Magnum or .460 S&W

Trigger Control

  • Interrupted vs Sweeping Pulls
    • Faster and more precision shots
  • Straight pull without disrupting the sights
  • Straight reset

Muzzle Discipline and Control

  • Safety
  • Makes me Faster at everything gun handling
  • Revolver Reloads
  • Watching other reload a revolver


  • Coming out of the holster to first shot
  • Sweeping through the trigger

Ammo Conservation

  • Got Six
  • Takes forever to reload


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