Podcast 154 Different Types of Bad Guys

By on February 4, 2016

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Today: There are different types of bad guys. You need to be prepared to deal with each type to defend yourself. Listen to the podcast and learn how.


Podcast Outline:

  • 3 Types of Bad Guys
    • Wimps – This type will give up as soon as you resist
    • Bullies – This type will need some convincing to give up. You will have to inflict damage and/or pain when you fight back to get this type to give up so you can prevail.
    • Dedicated – These are the worst of the worst. They will not give up until you make them physically. Rapist, murders, and terrorist would all fall into this category. They will take what they want form you and will only be stopped if you physically make them. They will not give up and will not be deterred. These scare me.
  • Be prepared to deal with all three.
  • You first have to assume you are dealing with a dedicated attacker
  • Then use the appropriate force if the attacker gives up or shows to be a wimp or bully.


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